Uber/Lyft Accident

If you have been in an accident involving an Uber or a Lyft ridesharing vehicle, you should consult an experienced Uber and Lyft car accident attorney right away. These cases can
be complex and require the skill of an experienced ridesharing accident attorney to get you the compensation you deserve. Unlike traditional accident cases, ridesharing cases typically involve multiple levels of insurance who will each fight to limit their respective liability as much as possible.

Uber and Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors which means they are not employed by the ridesharing company directly. Even so, through the assistance of a skilled ridesharing car accident attorney, Uber or Lyft may still be held accountable for your damages. If you have been injured by one of their drivers contact the Uber and Lyft accident attorneys at Lopez and DeFilippo to see what we can do for you. 

Uber discloses 3,000 reports of sexual assault on U.S. rides last year in its long-awaited safety study

What do I do if I have been in a UBER/LYFT accident?

  • Call the Police: After your UBER or LYFT accident make sure you are in a safe location and call the police. Make sure to never admit fault after any accident, and have the officer create an accident report indicating who was at fault for the crash.
  • Seek Medical Attention: If you are hurt or injured after your UBER or LYFT accident, seek medical attention and have your injury documented.
  • Document the Details of the Accident: If you are not seriously injured, make your own detailed account of your UBER/LYFT accident scene. This can include videos, pictures, diagrams, or whatever other evidence might be helpful to prove your case.
  • Contact the South Florida UBER/LYFT Accident attorneys: Calling the Uber and Lyft accident attorneys at Lopez & DeFilippo today can drastically affect your chances of recovering the full amount you may be entitled to. The ridesharing companies and their insurance carriers have teams of lawyers ready to defend their negligent drivers, but you don’t have to face them alone. Our ridesharing accident attorneys have the knowledge and resources to effectively investigate and advocate for you. Call our office today and put our experience to work for you.

Uber Assault Cases

Unfortunately ride share assaults are becoming far too common. If you or a loved one was assaulted by a ride share driver you may be entitled to substantial compensation. These companies can be held financially liable in certain circumstances for the acts of their drivers. Our Uber assault attorney have the skills required to aggressively fight for you in your case.

Why hire Lopez & DeFilippo? Our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive personalized representation and we have the resources and skills to aggressively fight to recover the compensation you deserve.

What is a contingency fee? It’s simple, you don’t pay us anything unless we secure a financial recovery in your case.