Probation is a form of supervision that defendants can be sentenced to by the Court as an alternative to a prison or jail sentence. Probation can be for one day or for decades, depending on the severity of the charges being faced, the defendant’s criminal history and other factors.

Although preferable to jail, probation and community control still come with many serious restrictions to an individual’s freedoms. Probationers must comply with all conditions of their probation sentence in order to avoid being in violation and to be eligible to terminate their probation early.

Our probation lawyers at Lopez and DeFilippo are extremely skilled at reducing or eliminating probation conditions all together, giving our clients the best chance to terminate probation earlier than their expected date. If you are on probation and wish to travel, modify your conditions, or terminate your probation all together, then contact our office and speak with your Lopez and DeFilippo probation attorney today. 

Types Of Probation Matters That The Attorneys At Lopez & DeFilippo Are Experienced In Handling:  

Motions To Travel

In Florida, absent any specific conditions to the contrary, individuals on probation may not leave the county of their supervision without permission from their probation officer. Probationers who leave the county of their probation without permission could be arrested and face a probation violation if they are caught.

If you are on probation ad wish to travel out of the county, out of the state, or even out of the county, don’t risk getting in more trouble by traveling without permission! Call the experienced probation attorneys at Lopez and DeFilippo. We will work tirelessly to convince the State to allow you travel.

Motion To Terminate Probation

Florida law allows for probationers who have reached the halfway point of their probation and completed all their conditions without committing any violations, to petition the court for early termination of their probation. Even if the probationer hasn’t reached the halfway point, it is still within a judge’s discretion to early terminate probation if the judge believes it’s appropriate.

If you are on probation and wish for it to be terminated early call us today. An experienced probation attorney will have a detailed conversation with you about your wishes and, if appropriate, will file a motion to terminate your probation that is unique to your specific case. 

Motion To Replace/Remove Conditions Of Probation

If you’re on probation you will be expected to successfully complete all conditions of your probation plea before your probation can be successfully terminated. Failure to complete your conditions of probation can result in a probation violation case being initiated against you.

If your conditions of probation have become too difficult or onerous to complete, don’t run the risk of a violation! Hire a skilled defense attorney to petition the court to modify your probation conditions. The attorneys at Lopez & DeFilippo understand the many ways conditions can be modified to make your life easier and we will work with the State in order to modify your probation to make it more manageable for you. Theres no guarantee but by hiring the prob attorneys at Lopez and DeFilippo you are putting the experience of former prosecutors on your side.