Mold Damage

Roof mold

In the warm and damp environment that comes with the subtropics, the growth of damaging mold is a problem that homeowners face all too often. Many times, insurance companies try to claim the presence of mold is unavoidable or has not been the direct cause of any damage sustained.

The Mold Insurance Attorney’s at Lopez & DeFilippo are here to protect clients’ rights whether their home sustained structural damage or their health was affected by the presence of dangerous mold growth within their home.  Identifying the presence of harmful mold is not always easy, which is why you should consult with an experienced mold attorney if you are unsure if you have a potential mold claim.

When our mold attorneys take on your case, they will thoroughly investigate to find the cause of the mold problem you and your family are facing. This is important because if the mold was caused by any number of covered events within your homeowners insurance policy the entire cost of the mold remediation may be covered. Some of these causes include roof leaks, burst pipes, water damage, flooding, and storms. 

At Lopez DeFilippo, when we take on your case it means we believe in you and your claim. Which is why we make the promise to all our mold clients that we will not get paid until you do.