About Lopez & DeFilippo

We are an experienced criminal defense, personal injury, and insurance litigation law firm dedicated to providing superior representation to the South Florida community.


Our attorneys are former state prosecutors in Miami-Dade County who handled thousands of cases of all types. We use our years of litigation experience and commitment to justice to provide our clients with impassioned, effective, and thorough representation that is uniquely tailored to each case.

At Lopez & DeFilippo, we educate and inform our clients about every step of their legal process and all available options, and we are committed to communicating all updates in your case as soon as they occur. Whether you’ve been injured or arrested, your case deserves the expertise of former state prosecutors. Call us today for your free consultation.

Why Choose Lopez & DeFilippo

The managing attorneys at Lopez & DeFilippo, P.A. have 12 years of combined experience providing superior representation to clients and victims In multiple legal areas ranging from representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases to defending defendants in serious criminal matters.

During their 4+ years as prosecutors at the Miami-Dade State Attorneys Office, the attorneys at Lopez & DeFilippo acted as lead trial prosecutors in thousands of criminal cases ranging from violent life felonies to serious violent felonies. During this time, our attorneys were tasked with investigating the factual circumstances of cases, participating in discovery and conducting depositions, arguing contentious evidentiary motions, negotiating high stakes plea resolutions, and planning and carrying out trials to verdict.

After leaving the State Attorneys Office with honors, the attorneys of Lopez & DeFilippo teamed up to combine their respective experience and skills to create a new type of litigation practice, one which will prioritizes the needs and concerns of clients while providing a heightened level of attention to every aspect of the case.
During the span of their legal careers, the managing partners at Lopez & DeFilippo have risen through the ranks of their respective previous legal positions and achieved multiple awards and accolades along the way, such as to name a few:
Top 5 law school graduate with Summa Cum Laude honors;
Law School Trial Team Vice President & Accomplished Competitor;
Law Review Senior Editor;
Member of The Order of the Barristers;
Book Award – Trial Advocacy;
Book Award – UCC Secured Transactions;
Book Award – Wills, Trusts & Estate;
Book Award – Constitutional Law II;

Our accomplished law school careers and years of experience as prosecutors at the State Attorney’s Office have equipped our attorneys with extensive knowledge of civil and criminal statutes, case precedent, local rules, and rules of evidence. We firmly believe these litigation skills must be possessed and employed in every case in order to maximize the potential of achieving an optimal resolution. Whether we are representing plaintiffs injured due to the negligence of another or their insurance company, or defending the wrongfully accused, at Lopez & DeFilippo, we employ our extensive knowledge base and our unmatched work ethic to every case we handle.
At Lopez & DeFilippo, we believe our results should determine our reputation, and our results speak for themselves. Through our hard work and dedication to detail, we have secured countless favorable resolutions for our clients Whether they are facing criminal charges, have been wrongfully injured, or were denied coverage by their insurance carrier. At Lopez & DeFilippo we take pride in our reputation for being efficient effective litigators and for leaving “no stone unturned”. With every new client we represent, we aim to grow this reputation by continuing to employ our proven strategy of thorough investigation, well-researched motion practice, and persuasive oral advocacy.