Sexual Battery & Assault

If you have been the victim of a sexual battery or assault you know firsthand the amount of pain and suffering that it can cause. A sexual assault lawyer can make sure the responsible party in your case pays for the damages they have caused. These damages may include psychological trauma, diminishment of your quality of life, and lost wages.

Sometimes the person who assaulted you might work for a corporate entity, like a school, camp, organization, company, agency, business, ect. In certain circumstances, these employers are liable for the actions of their employee. By contacting the sexual battery and assault attorneys at Lopez & DeFilippo today, you can confidentially discuss your case with a practicing attorney and determine if you may be entitled to financial recovery.

Why hire Lopez & DeFilippo? Our sexual battery and assault attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive personalized representation and we have the resources and skills to aggressively fight to recover the compensation you deserve.