Windstorm and Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage

Windstorm and Hurricane damage are some of the leading causes of homeowners insurance claims in the State of Florida. Every year as hurricane season approaches, homeowners prepare the best they can for the possibility of strong winds that may cause damage to their home. After a storm has damaged property, many homeowners are left at the mercy of their insurance company to decide for them if the damage will be covered. Often, insurance companies outright deny coverage or provide them a lowball offer. This is the time for homeowners to seek professional representation.  Our insurance attorneys at Lopez & DeFilippo will help guide you through this process of holding your insurance company accountable for your loss. 

Dealing with storm damage to your home can be difficult enough, but it’s made worse when your insurance company, whose premium you’ve paid every month, refuses to cover the loss. In Florida, insurance companies are typically faced with a large volume of claims that are filed after a hurricane comes through. In order to minimize their losses when this occurs, insurance companies will do just about anything to outright deny or avoid fully paying a large percentage of those claims, despite their policy obligations. Unfortunately, this unsavory insurance practice often results in thousands of Florida homeowners not getting the vital insurance proceeds they need when they need it the most.

With this in mind, if your Florida home or property has been damaged due to a hurricane or windstorm, it is important to hire an attorney that knows how to handle these claims. Our insurance litigation attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to fight the insurance companies and will strive to secure the insurance proceeds that you deserve under your policy.

At Lopez DeFilippo, when we take on your case it means we believe in you and your claim. Which is why we make the promise to all our hurricane/wind damage clients that we will not get paid until you do.