“As a family we were going through a lot of pain and heartache due to a legal matter that was beyond our control, Simply put we were in a dark place and once we were introduced to Alex a lot of weight was lifted from our backs. From the initial consultation this counselors brought a lot of light and professionalism to our legal issue and I would proudly and highly recommend this firm to anyone going through any legal challenges that require a hands-on attention and a representation that you can reach even on the weekends and holidays. Truly grateful”

Renson K.

“I requested help from Mr. Alexander Lopez at the beginning of the month of November. I made a lot of bad decisions in my early 20’s which lead my license to be in really bad conditions to the point I tough I was never having a license again. Well I was wrong, thanks to Mr. López and his team by Dec 3rd I had my license. This means a lot to me not only I can drive legal agin but I can keep on moving forward in life and leave my not so good pass in the pass. Thank you so much.”

Diamelys B.

“I was shock at Alex's results. No bail, out the next day. Got him at the last moment. Answered all my calls timely . Everyone knew him at the hearing. He spoke so well to the judge. Got everything accomplished better than I dreamed. I will be recommending him to others because he gets results.”

Elan F.

“Lopez was very helpful in turning my case around for the better! He keeps you updated on what’s going on in your case and is willing to fight till the end for you. I’m glad I chose him as my lawyer & I will continue to recommend him.”

J. C.

“Alex DeFilippo is a professional who delivers results. It was a pleasure working with him. Highly recommend!”

Anderson L.

“Positive: Professionalism, Value ”

Oscar C.

“I am writing this letter to you to express my most sincere thanks for the the most professional representation. You have stuck by me the whole time. Thank You. Just want to make sure that you, Alex and your entire staff know how thankful I am for giving me another chance. We went the best way possible it enable me I'm sure as well as others the ability to try to get better and not succumb to the situation. Have renewed hope... Someone else would have threw the towel in on me and would waited to see me fall to the wayside. Please let everyone know how grateful I am for the kindness and professionalism extend to me and my family. Thank You ”

Smith D.

“Mr. De Fillipo was very professional and of great help with my legal matter. very responsive and attentive to my concerns and questions. I highly recommend and am very grateful for his help”

Richie C.

“Great Attorney For Any Situation Nice & Driven Man On My Situation Wasn’t Much To Say Or A Fight But Overall I Think He Would’ve Put Up A Fight”

Tre I.

“My lawyer, Alex was one of the best. He explained everything, in detail, to me as far as the process I’d be going through with this case. He answered all my questions (and I had ALOT). He also thoroughly explained everything in a way to help me understand, since this was my first time hiring a lawyer. He kept me updated throughout this process. I trusted him a lot because he always asked me how I was feeling after my therapy sessions. He cared about my well-being as well as working hard on my case. I will definitely recommend him to all my friends and family if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. Amazing work Alex! Thank you !”

Brittany S.

“Believe me when I say, I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer through an 11-month court case. After an arrest, I had Lopez & DeFilippo recommended to me. I had the pleasure of working with Alex Lopez for my case. He really took all of my concerns and information seriously, gave me his personal cell phone number (which is not always common for lawyers), and really treated me like a person and not just another case. With this being my only criminal case, he walked me through the process step-by-step and never once made me feel like a burden for asking questions. He even would make the drive from Miami to the Florida Keys just for my case. He was able to get my case dismissed through pretrial intervention. I would absolutely recommend them if you find yourself needing a criminal defense lawyer.”

Rachael G.

“Dealing with the court system can be an intimidating experience. Mr. Lopez took my case, was involved in every step of the way, providing appropriate guidance. He was very understanding to my situation, very responsive and knowledgeable. In times of uncertainty, he reassured me of the outcome, and he was right. Thank you for helping me see this through to a successful end!”

Tania R.

“Alex Lopez was a great resource when seeking counsel for my family member's case. He was patient, knowledgeable, and knew all the necessary steps to ensure a positive outcome.”

Michelle S.

“Alex Lopez was a great resource when seeking counsel for my family member's case. He was patient, knowledgeable, and knew all the necessary steps to ensure a positive outcome.”

Erika M.

“Mr. Lopez is amazing! Very communicative and pleasant to speak to, but most importantly he is GREAT at what he does and worth every $ and will deliver better results than what you expect. Thank you is not enough!”


“Don't hesitate to call them. They will get it done for you. I am extremely satisfied with the work that they did. Would 100% recommend them to anyone.”

Xavi S.

“Taking time out of my day to let the world know these 2 guys are the truth. Hard working, dedicated, and professional through the whole process. Can’t thank these guys enough. No hassles just results! Highly recommended.”

Ronald N.

“Very grateful to the great work of Lopez and DeFilippo PA. I recommend them 1000% as a lawyer. For me the best, we won my case.”

Lachyton L.

“Incredible experience working with Lopez & DeFilippo - they took on my injury case after a horrible accident I experienced that changed my life. Luckily with their help I was able to get the maximum amount for the damage I received. They handled everything from start to finish so quickly I couldn't believe it. I would seriously recommend them to anyone who wants a positive and quick experience. Thanks again guys!”


“From me and alex’s first time meeting he explained everything to me in terms and details that i can easily understand. Alex always answered his phone calls and would never fail to give me answers for all my questions. So professional and so educated . He never failed to reassure me that i can ask him questions no matter what ! 100% would recommend him to anyone who wants a trust worthy lawyer by your side thank you Alexander Lopez!”

Alexis H.

“I could not ask for better results on my case. Alex Lopez was very understanding and he got me best deal possible. If you need a good lawyer that cares about his clients he is the person you should call. I was facing 3 year minimum in jail. Alex did his thing and he got me 2 years of probation. I’m grateful and thankful with the results of my case!!!”

Mirzet K.

“Hands down best lawyer I’ve dealt with. He was always on top of everything, picked up my phone calls whenever I called, went above and beyond to get me the best deal having 3 felony charges. Alex got me no probation, no jail time , and no convicted felon! Can’t get any better than that . Alex you are the best thanks again ! Highly recommend to anyone !”

Luis C.

“Great attorney! From our first conversation I felt Mr López understood the situation and approached it accurately. Thank you!”

Stephanie I.

“Alex Lopez has been an amazing help! The past year has been super stressful for me and he took care of everything very professional. I can’t thank him enough for all the time and effort he put into my case.He also was very attentive towards giving me updated information. I will recommend Alex to any friends/family in the future.”

Kristina K.